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About Communities Connecting Cultural Heritage Exchange Project

CCH empowers youth to protect the cultural heritage of at-risk communities in the United States and around the world. Through the program, students, teachers, community leaders, and cultural heritage professionals will engage in online and in-person activities to initiate collaborations between communities in the United States and communities around the world.

Global Threads Collaborative Project

Our project as designed by Global Ties Akron and Creative Economy Group Serbia, will develop online training for student journalists whose written articles, video interviews, and photos will capture the cultural heritage and stories of artists who represent the ethnic communities of Kikinda, Serbia and of Akron, Ohio’s resettled Bhutanese/Nepali refugees. The culminating outcome will bring together; through in person exchanges; the participating student journalists, administrators, ethnic cultural preservation artists, leaders and our communities to celebrate the launch of GLOBAL THREADS ONLINE MAGAZINE AND FOOD ART EXPO as a sustainable annual collaborative initiative which will increase community awareness and support for our ethnic artisans.