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Did you know that Summit County, Ohio is home to 20+ ethnic groups & 50+ different faith groups? Learn more here:

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Do you know Iran uses a different calendar then we do? Learn more about the world with our collection of modules & ppts.

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Resources for Speakers


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Speaker Online Application

KYCKYW Ppt Template

PowerPoint Template


National Geographic Educator Resources- Map Making

Google Earth  ( free upload)

Earth Cam   
( search for monuments, tourist sites, cities- there may or may not be links to earth cams for your country )

Country Background Info

State Department country information at  
( more in depth information)

The CIA World Factbook country information at
( more in depth information)

BBC News Country Profile at 
(best for gathering statistics for presenters)

The Economist Country Briefing  
(search by country name)

Embassy of Country in U.S. website:



National Anthems of the World      
(can upload MP3 from this site, country flag, map,
lyrics in language of nation, country emblem/seal/ coats of arms) 
(can link to this site)

World Music


BBC News Country Profile at 
(best for gathering statistics for presenters)


US Embassies and Consulates

Passports from around the world:

List of Newspapers or Websites for current events and information   
This site, inspired by journalist Daniel Pearl,
provides international news through the eyes of secondary students,
an opportunity for publishing and writing articles exists through this site.

Famous People from your country:

Religions  of the World

Additional Resources: