Know Your Community

Did you know that Summit County, Ohio is home to 20+ ethnic groups & 50+ different faith groups? Learn more here:

Know Your World

Do you know Iran uses a different calendar then we do? Learn more about the world with our collection of modules & ppts.

Know More

Go to the following pages for:Students, Teachers, Speakers to learn more about the world through our many resources & games.

Know Your Community:

What is global in your community?

KYCKYW program introduces not only the world to local students, but we share what is global right here in Northeast Ohio, through primary resources, speakers and events. This not only helps the students gain a better understanding of other countries, cultures and religions; it also make them aware of the multiculturalism of their classrooms, schools and community. In addition, assist educators in preparing youth to be globally competent with 21st century skills to work successfully in a globally interdependent and multicultural workplace.


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