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Project Description and Overview:  Know Your Community  - Know  Your World  Project
Global Ties Akron will continue and expand the Know Your Community- Know Your World curriculum project exploring global and local diversity with 6th and 1rst grade students at Akron Public  and Greater Akron schools.

6th grade: Participating schools will have an introduction session and 2-3 guest speakers from varied global, religious and ethnic backgrounds throughout the school year.  Curriculum has been designed to dovetail with Ohio Department of Education Social Studies Standards for 6th grade.*  Participating 6th grade students will compete in the National Geographic Bee.  Student representatives from each school will be selected and trained by the Akron Digital Media Center to be citizen journalists.  Student reporters will interview the international speakers and will have an opportunity to publish their news stories in the Akronist (  Each 6th grade class will have a project to work on in which they will have an opportunity to interact with their 6th grade peer classrooms to encourage a better appreciation and understanding of diversity in our own community. 
*6th grade Ohio Department of Education Social Studies Standards Overview :  In grade six, students study the Eastern Hemisphere (Africa, Asia, Australia and Europe), its geographic features, early history, cultural development and economic change. The geographic focus includes the study of contemporary regional characteristics, the movement of people, products and ideas, and cultural diversity.



Project goals / objectives:  
a) Compare cultural practices and perspectives in order to understand commonality and  diversity of cultures. 
b) Analyze examples of interactions between cultural groups and explain the factors that contribute to cooperation and conflict.
c)  Explain how contact between different cultures impacts belief    systems, art, science, language and forms of government. 
d) Better understand ethnic, racial, and religious diversity in our own community.  
e) Use diplomatic and anti-bullying skills such as improved communications and building mutual understanding among diverse classmates.

· Journalistic Interviews– Student citizen journalists will work as a team to prepare interview questions for the speaker and will create a a written news report that will be posted on the Akronist—    Akron Digital Media Center. 


In addition, Global Ties Akron will develop a 1rst grade component for 2 additional schools.  This component will build on the Know Your Community- Know Your World project but will adapt curriculum materials and presentations for Ohio Department of Education Social Studies standards for 1rst grade.*
*1st grade Ohio Department of Education Social Studies Standards Overview:  Families Now and Long Ago, Near and Far:  The first-grade year builds on the concepts developed in kindergarten by focusing on the individual as a member of a family. Students begin to understand how families lived long ago and how they live in other cultures. They develop concepts about how the world is organized spatially through beginning map skills. They build the foundation for understanding principles of government and their roles as citizens.


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