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The press

Le Monde - respected national daily, considered to be France's newspaper of record

Liberation - national daily, founded in 1973 by philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre, centre-left leaning

Le Figaro - national daily, centre-right leaning

Ouest France - Rennes-based; France's best-selling daily

L'Express - news weekly

Le Point - news weekly


France 2 - national, main public TV network

France 3 - national, public

France 5 - national, public, educational

TF1 - national, commercial

M6 - national, commercial

La Chaine Info - rolling news

France 24 - global news channel, owned by public broadcaster and TF1; services in French, English, Arabic

TV5 Monde - international French-language TV, with programmes from French, Belgian, Swiss and Canadian public broadcasters

Canal Plus - national, subscription channel


Radio France - operates national and regional outlets, including speech-based France Inter and all-news France Info

Radio France Internationale (RFI) - international broadcaster, via shortwave and FM relays worldwide

Europe 1 - major commercial station, news and entertainment

RTL - major commercial station, speech and music

NRJ - commercial, leading hit music network

News agency

Agence France Presse (AFP) - Paris-based, founded in 1835