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Did you know that Summit County, Ohio is home to 20+ ethnic groups & 50+ different faith groups? Learn more here:

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Do you know Iran uses a different calendar then we do? Learn more about the world with our collection of modules & ppts.

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Go to the following pages for:Students, Teachers, Speakers to learn more about the world through our many resources & games.

We are proud to announce that we are entering our 6th year with Global Ties Akron’s global education program: Know Your Community - Know Your World.

Through the program we introduce not only the world to local students, but we share what is global right here in Summit County through speakers and events. This not only helps the students gain a better understanding of other countries, cultures and religions; it also make them aware of the multiculturalism of their classrooms, schools and community.

With Know Your Community - Know Your World, teachers can utilize the resources we collect and add to our website; We are working hard to take all the information that students need for deeper learning, but also provide tools to help with the ODE standards across subject areas.

We are always looking for opportunities to bring global to the classroom.If you are interested in partnering on a project contact:

Michelle Wilson, Executive Director, Global Ties Akron or

We proudly work with teachers and professors to create great and easy to implement curriculum to incorporate into the classroom. In addition, we provide professional development opportunities for PreK - 12th grade teachers.

1000 Cranes for Peace Project:

We are now in our 4th year of our “1000 Cranes for Peace” project which helps students understand that even the smallest acts of kindness can have a ripple effect on the world. Through it students are doing service learning and social entrepreneurship, as well as, empathy and understanding.



Would you like to participate in our 1000 Cranes project? Give us a call at 330-972-8296 or email at

and you can find us on Facebook too!

If you have made cranes and would like send them to our project please mail them to our offices at:

Suite233 Quaker Square, The University of Akron, Akron, OH 44325-9003

please visit

Global Ties Akron, working in partnership with The Akronist and local educators, works to promote students as
responsible consumers of media literature and writers of citizen journalism. More...

Would you like an international speaker to visit your class room? If so, click here to request a speaker.

(Please give us 1-2 weeks notice so we can best meet your needs)

Thank You to Our Past & Present Sponsors, Collaborators & Volunteers!!!